Cell Strainers 5um 10um 20um  40um 70um 100um

Cell Strainers 5μm 10μm and 20μm all 6 sizes serving a wide range of application areas


  • PP shell, Nylon filter membrane, uniform pore distribution
  • Multiple filter membrane pore sizes available, differentiated by color—purple (5μm), green (10μm), orange (20μm), blue (40μm), white (70μm), yellow (100μm)—for easy use without checking packaging
  • Extendable part for sterile operation with forceps to avoid contamination
  • Compatible with 50mL centrifuge tubes
  • Multiple specifications can be stacked for stepwise filtration
  • Individually packaged for convenience


Product Applications

- Faster and more convenient than gauze filters

- Preparation for single-cell suspensions for flow cytometry analysis, samples include:

  1. Blood cells from bone marrow, pancreas, thymus, tonsils, and lymph nodes
  2. Stem cells, enzyme-digested mammalian tissues or organoids, and cancer cells
  3. Primary cell cultures and immunogen samples

      - Removes aggregated proteins formed during serum inactivation


      Application Examples

      Choosing the right filter size for your target cells:

      1. 5 μm Examples: Human lung adenocarcinoma epithelial cells (A549)
      2. 10 μm Examples: Mouse MSC, adult heart fibroblasts mitochondria (continuous filtration with 40μm and 10μm), worm cells (continuous filtration with 40μm and 10μm)
      3. 20 μm Examples: Human colon cancer cells, human breast cancer cells (MCF7), mouse intestinal epithelial stem cells (continuous filtration with 40μm and 20μm)
      4. 40 μm Examples: Human embryonic kidney cells (H293T), human intervertebral disc cells, human medulloblastoma cell line (D283 Med)
      5. 70 μm Examples: Rat MSCs, human MSCs, human endothelial cells, mouse lymph node cells
      6. 100 μm Examples: Rat glomerular cells (continuous filtration with 100μm and 70μm)


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