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125mL Erlenmeyer Flask with Baffled Bottom/Case

125mL Erlenmeyer Flask with Baffled Bottom/Case

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125mL Erlenmeyer flask with Baffled bottom,polycarbonate,vent cap
  • Lightweight plastic material is easier and safer to handle than glass
  • Individually bagged for easy storage and handling
  • Designed for mammalian suspension culture applications as well as bacterial & yeast culture
  • Vent cap options are available to prevent the common mistake of unintentionally sealing the cap completely and preventing gas exchange
  • Polycarbonate available with vent cap only
  • All flasks include molded graduation lines
  • Medical grade virgin Polycarbonate is autoclavable


Technical parameters:

Catalog Number R5125-2
Quantity 24Pcs/Case
Volume 125ml
Brand Smtrabio
Color Clear+Green
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