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Disposable Plastic ESR Westergren Pipette 0-190mm

Disposable Plastic ESR Westergren Pipette 0-190mm

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ESR pipette set was mainly used for measure the human erythrocyte sedimentation rate

  • For erythrocyte sedimentation rate, the rate as red blood cells sediment in a period of one hour 
  • Common hematology test.and is a non-specific measure of inflammation
  • Clear graduation easy for user to read the scale informations
  • The filter on the top of the ESR pipette to provent the dirty come into the pipette from the top
  • Precision tube, small error, simple operation and high accuracy

ESR Pipette Material: Polystyrene(PS)
ESR Tube Material: Polyethylene (PE) 0.25ml with 3.2% sodium citrate

Technical parameters:

Catalog Number L602
Quantity 100 Sets/Box
10 Boxes/Case
Brand Smtrabio
Color Clear+Blue
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