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Dropper Bottle 3mL White Bottle/Case

Dropper Bottle 3mL White Bottle/Case

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  • Made from medical PP and LDPE 
  • Excellent sealing design is leak-proof 
  • Various of volume and color for choices 
  • Different color of cap for choices 
  • Plastic material better for transportation
Cat. No. Bottle Color Cap Color Dropper(μl) Description Package QTY/ctn(pcs)
D301-1 Transparent White 40 The product consists of three parts: Cap(PP)+Bottle body (PE) + Dropper (40μl) 47.5mm x 14mm Cap:500 pcs/bag
Bottle body: 500 pcs/bag
Dropper: 2500 pcs/bag
D301-2 Red
D301-3 Blue
D301-4 Green
D301-5 Yellow
D301-6 Dark Blue
D302-1 White White
D302-2 Red
D302-3 Blue
D302-4 Green
D302-5 Yellow
D302-6 Dark Blue
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