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Effervescent Tablet Tubes

Effervescent Tablet Tubes

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  • Cap with desiccant inside 
  • For test trip,effervescent tablet and other packing 
  • Maintain 2 minute sealing under negative pressure 27kpa 
  • Easy to open and close by single-hand 
  • Three types of tube height: 48.8mm ,95mm and 125mm 
  • Caps packed with aluminum foil seal bag 
  • Lot number printed on the outer carton for tracking
Cat. No. Material Description Sterile Package QTY/ctn(pcs)
B501 PP height 48.25mm, diameter 29.85mm NO 1000 pcs/bag,2bag/ctn 2000
B504 PP 500 pcs/bag,4bag/ctn 2000
B502 PP height 95mm, diameter 29.86mm NO 500 pcs/bag,2bag/ctn 1000
B504 PP 500 pcs/bag,4bag/ctn 2000
B503 PP height 115mm, diameter 29.8mm NO 250 pcs/bag,2bag/ctn 500
B504 PP 500 pcs/bag,4bag/ctn 2000
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