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HDPE Brown Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle/Case

HDPE Brown Narrow Mouth Reagent Bottle/Case

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  • High-quality structural design: narrow-mouth reagent bottles utilize a high-quality structure, are lighter in weight, and have lower bottle costs, allowing the factory to meet bulk packaging needs with a variety of packaging options available.
  • Pure PP/HDPE material: made from imported pure PP/HDPE materials, free of biotoxicity, with excellent physical chemical indicators, strong compressive strength, impact resistance, and acid resistance. Polypropylene can withstand high temperatures of 121°C, and polyethylene can withstand low temperatures of -80°C, meeting the requirements for high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization treatments.
  • Leak-proof design: Reagent bottles are designed to be leak-proof. Repeated opening and tightening will not affect the bottle's sealing performance. A sealing ring inside the cap tightly adheres to the inner edge of the bottle neck's sloped surface, forming a leak-proof valve to ensure the lid is sealed.
  • Uniform wall thickness without sticking: advanced molding technology and manufacturing equipment ensure the reagent bottles have a more uniform wall thickness and high-quality bottle walls. The sturdy structure makes the reagent bottles suitable for any laboratory application and effectively prevents cracking or puncturing. The bottom of the bottle is relatively flat, facilitating stable operation on the filling line.
  • Sterilized plastic bottles are gamma-ray sterilized, ready to use upon opening, greatly improving user packaging efficiency. Ensures no DNase/RNase, no heat sources, and no endotoxins.

Cat. No. Volume(ml) Material Color Package QTY/ctn(pcs) Product Size(mm) Products Unit Weight (g)/pc
Bottle height Outer diameter of the bottle Inner diameter of the mouth
40.628012 30 HDPE brown 100 pieces/pack, 10 packs/carton 1000 61 φ34 φ17.4 9.39
40.626012 60 HDPE brown 100 pieces/pack, 5 packs/carton 500 84.3 φ39 φ17.4 13.06
40.624012 125 HDPE brown 50 pieces/pack, 5 packs/carton 250 97.9 φ50.4 φ21.2 18.73
40.622012 250 HDPE brown 25 pcs/pack, 8 packs/carton 200 130 φ60.8 φ24.9 31.43
40.620012 500 HDPE brown 12 pieces/pack, 9 packs/carton 108 167.8 φ72.6 φ25 53.73
40.618012 1000 HDPE brown 6 pcs/pack, 14 packs/carton 84 212 φ92 φ34 94.03
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