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HDPE White Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle/Case

HDPE White Wide Mouth Reagent Bottle/Case

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Made from high-quality polypropylene PP/high-density polyethylene HDPE raw materials, free of biotoxicity, produced in a Class 100,000 cleanroom environment, with multiple quality system certifications, ensuring no DNase/RNase, no heat sources, no endotoxins. The sterilized plastic bottles are gamma-ray sterilized, ready to use upon opening, greatly improving packaging efficiency for users.

  • A complete range of sizes is available, including 8ml, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 125ml, 150ml, 250ml, 500ml, and 1000ml, in transparent, off-white, and brown colors. The brown reagent bottles have excellent light-shielding functions, suitable for storing light-sensitive substances.
  • Featuring a professional leak-proof bottle design, no inner cap or pad is needed for protection, with excellent sealing performance, ensuring 100% leak-proof. The wide-mouth design makes liquid access convenient.
  • Selected imported high-quality raw materials, with excellent physical chemical indicators, strong compressive strength, impact resistance, and acid resistance. Polypropylene withstands high temperatures of 121°C, while high-density polyethylene HDPE withstands low temperatures of -40°C, meeting the requirements for high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization treatments.
  • Incorporating imported high-precision digital control production equipment, the products are exquisitely made, comfortable to handle, with uniform thickness in the bottle body, high gloss, no color difference, and high uniformity between different batches.
  • The process uses high-end molding technology and surface treatment technology, making the inner and outer surfaces of the plastic bottles smooth, preventing reagents from sticking to the walls, significantly reducing sample loss.
  • Professional customization services are provided, with strong mold manufacturing capabilities, offering customized products for users.

Cat. No. Volume(ml) Material Color Package QTY/ctn(pcs) Outer diameter of the bottle Bottle height Inner diameter of the mouth Cap outer diameter Cap height Products Unit Weight (g)/pc
D1(mm) H1(mm) D2(mm)  D3(mm) H2(mm)
40.614002 8 HDPE white 150 pieces/pack, 10 packs/carton 1500 Φ24.8 43 Φ17.4 Φ24.2 14.5 5.98
40.607002 15 HDPE white 120 pieces/pack, 10 packs/carton 1200 Φ24.8 56.1 Φ17.4 Φ24.2 14.5 6.98
40.608002 30 HDPE white 100 pieces/pack, 10 packs/carton 1000 Φ33.9 59.05 Φ24.6 Φ32.2 15.73 10.74
40.609002 60 HDPE white 100 pieces/pack, 5 packs/carton 500 Φ39.0 81.5 Φ24.6 Φ32.2 15.73 14.41
40.610002 125 HDPE white 50 pieces/pack, 5 packs/carton 250 Φ50.0 95.3 Φ31.8 Φ42.2 15.94 24.43
40.611002 250 HDPE white 25 pcs/pack, 8 packs/carton 200 Φ60.5 127.6 Φ36.3 Φ46.4 16.81 37.49
40.612002 500 HDPE white 12 pieces/pack, 9 packs/carton 108 Φ73.2 162.3 Φ47.6 Φ57.5 16.81 66.08
40.616002 1000 HDPE white 6 pcs/pack, 14 packs/carton 84 Φ91.9 193.9 Φ47.6 Φ57.5 16.81 90.2
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