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PCR Tube 8-Strip with Caps 0.2mL/Case

PCR Tube 8-Strip with Caps 0.2mL/Case

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  • USP Class VI PP
  • High universality,suitable for mainstream thermal cyclers or real-time PCR systems in the market 
  • The 8 strip of tube and cap has good matching and sealing performance,effectively reduce the evaporation rate 
  • Optimized design of the tube body with minimal differences between tubes 
  • DNase/RNase/PCR inhibitor-free 
  • Composite membrane zip-lock bag packaging,easy to use and preservation 
  • High temperature and high pressure sterilization (121℃ 20 minutes) 
  • Ultra thin wall design enhance thermal conductivity,enabling precise control of cycling temperatures
Cat. No. Description Sterile Package
T002-1 PCR tubes 0.2mL conical bottom YES 1000pcs/bag10bags/ctn
T003-1 PCR tubes 0.5mL conical bottom YES 1000pcs/bag10bags/ctn
T016-1 PCR tubes -8 strips with caps 0.2mL conical bottom YES 125sets/bag10bags/ctn
T017-1 0.2mL PCR 96 well plate, semi skirt YES 10pcs/box,5boxes/ctn
T018-1 0.2mL PCR 96 well plate, full skirt YES 8pcs/box,5boxes/ctn
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