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Triangular Shape 24×6.0mm Cell Spreader/Case

Triangular Shape 24×6.0mm Cell Spreader/Case

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  • USP Class VI polystyrene ABS material 
  • Individual paper-plastic packing with slit,easy for use 
  • Various type available 
  • The L shaped spreader meet the request of GB 4789, for blood culture use. 
  • Item number and batch number on each packing,for quality traceability 
  • Irradiation sterilization,SAL level 10-6(ISO 11137)
Cat. No. Description Package QTY/ctn(pcs)
SC030 Triangular shape21.5×3.0mm 25pcs/bag32bag/ctn 800
SC031 Triangular shape21.5×3.0mm Individual 800
SC040 Triangular shape24×6.0mm 25pcs/bag32bag/ctn 800
SC041 Triangular shape24×6.0mm Individual 800
SC110 T shape Individual 1000
SC111 T shape 10pcs/bag100bag/ctn 1000
SC115 L shape,yellow Individual 1000
SC116 L shape,yellow 10pcs/bag100bag/ctn 1000
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